Dear Jona and Toni,
here comes the 3rd letter for you. This time it’s about ‘happiness’, but from the view of your mother.
Happiness can be defined in various ways. How it feels, how it looks like, what it means…doesn’t matter at all, now I believe. It’s only one state of mind, I would say. And our mind changes, reacts, reflects, moves and sometimes slows down. So does your meaning of happiness, it flows. I know, it’s too abstract and too hard to understand, it’s not like an answer to a math question. You will learn and go through first lots of things to live independently and righteously among this society and at this modern time. You will gather lots of informations and impressions from the world and start to build your own dream, wishing to come true one day. You can make a goal and try hard to reach it, but all of these would/should not be related to the happiness. Find your own happiness, no matter how and what it is. Define the happiness for your own. Nothing, nobody can help you for finding it, but they are leading you to your happiness, directly, indirectly, even in negative ways as signs of alarm for you which only you would see and understand. Grab the sign. Take nothing for granted. Happiness is not a Luck. You should work hard to get it. Because it will change itself and challenge you continuously, fading out of your sight. Aim is not to achieve in life, it only helps you a bit to live comfortable maybe, but your happy mind lays on your both hands. And there’s no where described how your happiness looks like. Go for your happiness and don’t let you down by any others, family and friends should be there to support you, not to stop you nor to worry about your trials.
With love, your mother 20th of Dec. 2019

2 thoughts on “2019.49+50+51”

  1. 좋은 글 감사합니다. 훗날 커서 이렇게 멋진 글을 선물받을 아이들이 부러워지기도, 동시에 오늘은 저 역시 원점에 대하여 생각할 수 있어 참 따뜻한 마음이 드네요. 🙂

    1. 좋게 읽어주셔서 감사해요, 실은 제가 가장 바라는 것을.. 하는 것 뿐이죠, 아이들에게 도움이 되길 간절히 바라면서요.

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