mother and child

Dear Jona, dear Toni, today is mother's day in Germany and I would like to explain you about the relationship between you and me. Yes, you two came to this world as children from me and your father. But that doesn't mean, without me or father, you two weren't here today. Independently you two were,… Continue reading mother and child your weakness

Everyone can have something what he wishes to hide behind, such like bad habits, painful memories, failures, fear, weak* parts physically or/and mentally. This doesn't mean, you were bound and labeled with such characters/curses/backgrounds for life. *a weakness is not any thing what you can not do but it's what you even don't know that… Continue reading your weakness

Dear my sons, I would like to tell you about 'one as whole' now, what I couldn't understand till just right before. For me, human was the last creature, I would see as 'whole'. But every yogis say that, you are whole, you are OK, you are enough and so on. Mind science from Budokon… Continue reading


Dear Jona, dear Toni, Let me write this time about emotions. So many things are judged to be good or bad, right or wrong, allowed or forbidden, and we must learn by ourselves how we can see the true value of them beyond such judgements with our own awareness and don't forget how and where,… Continue reading 2020.emotions


Dear Jona and Toni, here comes the 3rd letter for you. This time it's about 'happiness', but from the view of your mother. Happiness can be defined in various ways. How it feels, how it looks like, what it means...doesn't matter at all, now I believe. It's only one state of mind, I would say.… Continue reading 2019.49+50+51


The 2nd letter to my children, this time i wrote about 'loving daily tasks'. What I mean with daily tasks? Waking up, brushing teeth, washing face, unchanging clothes, putting pajamas on its place, making bed fresh, opening window, eating breakfast, cleaning up after you ate, bringing books or toys back to their places after you… Continue reading 2019.46+47+48