The 2nd letter to my children, this time i wrote about ‘loving daily tasks’.
What I mean with daily tasks? Waking up, brushing teeth, washing face, unchanging clothes, putting pajamas on its place, making bed fresh, opening window, eating breakfast, cleaning up after you ate, bringing books or toys back to their places after you finished with them or before starting to do other things etc. And don’t try to find any excuses to not do or to delay, even if it takes your precious time. Those can become very plain and soon nasty things to do right away, as you get older and more and more other important and spontaneous events come up to. Right now, you do them after parent’s command, but you are learning to make them as habit. You can and may dislike those small things. Nevertheless, I believe, it’s the very beginning to build yourself and your life. Through x-times of repeating you will find your own way, methods, skills and you will never fall in laziness in any situation. Don’t change the meaning of laziness and loosening. Laziness is a bad habit that you just don’t need to have for your life, loosening is a good ability which you must practice now and then to be able to do it. If you didn’t execute things that you should have had done, it should be meant, disposing your priorities somewhere else, but not because you were lazy or you postponed for no particular reason.

It can be true that getting used to do such small tasks is no fun. There’s actually no great prize for them and often you won’t even see any noticeable difference between before and after. But they are all those little steps firming the base of yourself, helping to begin own life. You will first find satisfaction after the task, maybe see some possibilities to make it better or more convenient or get upset, because of no uses, then it’s time to give a change, and this is your chance to improve your way of life. And right in this moment, you made the progression. You would be able to make progresses in any kind in the future, too. Because you have learned already, through all those small daily, unnoticeable tasks.

And be aware, when you’re doing those tasks. Keep your eyes open and see, observe what you do, how you do. Find the joy in the movement. Feel the confidence through repeats. Try differently if you’re bored. It’s all about processes which become meaningful, when you are doing with awareness.

With love, your mother 16th, November 2019

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