Last week I became one year older on this planet, one year less left to come to the oneness. 😉

In Zen, almost on/for/to everything the only way is just sitting and breathing. After my art project 합장 ‘hap-jang’ is finished, as always, I was feeling an emptiness inside of me and was quite lost in my own thoughts and feelings. It wasn’t too overwhelming, ’cause I know now very well what they are, I was waiting calmly until they come and go. Yes, I was more than often ‘just sitting and breathing’. 🙂
About conversation I came to more deep insight. When two people come to talk each other, they are exchanging their opinions, thoughts, which create their own feelings in each mind. By any conversation there’s actually no new knowledge about anything, for there’s only exchange of each worlds reflecting themselves. That’s why we say, there’s nothing good or bad, right or wrong. If the person A says about something and expresses his thoughts, it’s only his reaction on his world. The other person B would probably also say against or for that something, which is of course only for its own sight. If they are sharing the same thought, everything seems quite ok, ( well, at the first moment though..) but if they have different viewpoints, it’s not that easy to come along. Because there’s feeling engaged and they won’t be able to understand each other. An understanding happens only when one is in complete emptiness. Detaching from own feeling is never an easy task, but first of all, one should learn to know about feelings of himself. Many people hide themselves behind their feelings, for it’s painful to know. But this is the very first step to know oneself.
After we know our feelings, how they come and go, how they response to our world, we can finally start to talk with each other. Yes, it’s a long, hard process to reach. So, that’s why I just sit and breathe. Would you also join me? 😉

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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