summer vacation in croatia and slovenia

We spent one week in Damalj, Croatia and 4 days in Ljubljana, Slovenia for summer vacation. 🙂 I was quite surprised in Slovenia, 1. I never heard anything about the country Slovenia until then, no need to mention, I had no idea where it is. 2. but hello! such a beautiful and lovely place! Wonderful atmosphere! Very nice and friendly people! 3. I am definitely going to visit there again and again. I fell in love at one sight. 😉

Our tomatoes in garden are getting red! :-)) But unfortunately, there were not so many potatoes to harvest…well, at least there were some! I wouldn’t have wondered if there were no potatoes to dig up, for they didn’t blossom at all. Who knows why. Hopefully we’ll have another chance with sweet potatoes. 😉

Between the life after having seen the truth, having recognised the delusion of ‘my’ world, ‘my’ body, ‘my’ thought and the life before all of this new insight, doesn’t distinguish by the appearance, not at all. Actually, it’s all the same. I wake up at the same time, prepare the day, meditate, make laundries, put the flat properly, go shopping for grocery, cook jams, bake bread, also sometimes cookies or cake, write emails to the work, take care of kids, cook meals, practice yoga, go Taekwon-Do training, read books, go sleep. And it repeats, day by day, week after week, month to month. But there’s this Lightness. Bliss. Rest. Calmness. And Union. I don’t care what it calls, if happiness or peace, I can only say, it’s beyond of any thing you imagine.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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