Before training began..in front of sport center, Taufkirchen
On the way to training..
At playground
Korean heat radish. Probably one seed still left and survived in soil from last year.
For Mama! from Toni.🤗
(later as Papa came to home, also for Papa!, he said. Quite diplomatic.😉

By practicing Zen…

When your legs become painful, “why are my legs so painful?” – you lost yourself. Because you lost yourself, your problem will be a problem for you. If you do not lose yourself, then eventhough you have difficulty, there’s actually no problem whatsoever. You just sit in the midst of the problem; when you are a part of the problem, or when the problem is a part of you, there is no problem, because you are the problem itself. The problem is you yourself. If this is so, there’s no problem.

Most people live in delusion, involved in their problem, trying to solve their problem. But just to live is actually to live in problems. And to solve the problem is to be a part of it, to be one with it.

When you are you, zazen becomes true zazen. So when you practice zazen, your problem will practice zazen, and everything else will practice zazen too. Even though your spouse is in bed, he or she is also practicing zazen – when you practice zazen!

Zen mind, beginner’s mind, Shunryu Suzuki

5 thoughts on “Zen”

      1. Oh, he is my very first person who introduced me to start finding myself, I read and am still reading his book, I am that. 😊 wow, what an amazing experience you had. I’ll read your post definitely. Thank you for sharing too.

      2. I am also reading ‘I Am That’ repeatedly for so many years 🙂 . Everytime i read it, i understand it differently

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