What a morning with watering green plants! This time I won't make mistakes by growing tomatoes. 😉 I bought a basil pot from a supermarket and took it apart at home. Now they are getting bigger and bushy.🤗 I thought, squirrels might have digged some hazelnuts in my garden, but now I ask myself, if… Continue reading Constancy.


Before training front of sport center, Taufkirchen On the way to training.. At playground Korean heat radish. Probably one seed still left and survived in soil from last year. For Mama! from Toni.🤗 (later as Papa came to home, also for Papa!, he said. Quite diplomatic.😉 By practicing Zen...When your legs become painful, "why… Continue reading Zen


It's good to start a week with green fresh leaves from garden, I thought. 😉 from where those seeds fly to my balcony...a mystery. oh, this seed is a flower seed! 😀 (of course, its name i can never remember...) I had by chance to think about 'light'. For I studied architecture and now work… Continue reading light.

Power of life

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself.Kahlil Gibran Already in the middle of May, but still feels chilly. I didn't plant this. Then who? Quite possible that squirrel digged hasel nuts and it sprouted.😅 I'm going to let them grow.😏 Sourdough Focaccia 😘 with barley… Continue reading Power of life

Shifting the center point

After I shifted obviously the center of view point from others and outside in to me and inner self, I can feel kind of blissful gratitude I am receiving by my choice. I chose actions what I need, because I know now my state. And as return I get the most wonderful, helpful and worthy… Continue reading Shifting the center point


This year I am not much motivated planning for balcony garden. Somehow I learned, I should let things be as they are and gardening comes for me a bit too much intention of mine..🤦‍♀️probably this is also my overthinking reaction, yeah..😢 However, and therefore, I greet even more my few life being on the balcony.… Continue reading Plant


Wir haben 2 wochenlang mit meiner Schwester aus Korea zusammen verbracht. 동생이 한국에서 와줘서 같이 두 주일간 시간을 보냈답니다. Auch zum Gardasee in den Urlaub gefahren. 😉 가르다 호수로 여행도 다녀오고요.^^ Die Zypresse sind für mich das Symbol des Landes Italien. 이탈리아하면 이 싸이프레스 나무가 가장 먼저 떠올라요. 이번에 가까이서 볼 기회가 있었네요. Wunderschön. Erholsam.… Continue reading 2019.33+34


Die 2te Woche der Ferien hat begonnen, Bücher aus der Bücherei fleißig zu lesen. 😉 도원이의 방학 두번째 주였던 지난 한 주, 열심히 도서관에서 책들 빌려와서 읽는 한 주 였지요.^^ 이런 날도 오는 구나, 했습니다.ㅎㅎ Gleich 3 Male hintereinander gelesen, an dem Tag, wo wir ausgeliehen haben. Für die ersten Leser sind die Fantasiegeschichte einfach… Continue reading 2019.32


* Hallo! **Hi there, ***안녕하세요! * Willkommen zu Ich bin Su-Pyo Einsiedler, arbeite in einem Architekturbüro und lebe mit meinem Mann Chris und unseren 2 Kindern – Jona (7 1/2 J.) und Toni (bald 4 J.) in der Nähe von München. Hier schreibe ich wöchentlich von unseren alltäglichen Erlebnissen und mindestens 1 Mal im Jahr fasse ich meine Gedanken zusammen, so wie… Continue reading 2019.30