I would kiss you for joy! I planted over this little, strong sprout into one of big pots.πŸ˜‰
Feeling the stiffness from yesterday’s training πŸ˜…

Have you heard about ‘pain scale’? I was once told by a neurologist that I have an unusually high pain scale. Until then among near friends and family, I was just known as a ‘drama queen’ (overreacting) and high sensitive spezies. πŸ˜‘ But after this diagnoses, everybody acknowledged, aha, I am a princess on one been.πŸ˜“ but I’ll tell you here a secret. You only go to a doctor, when you feel sick or pain. Have you ever imagined or seen, somebody went to a doc because of joy?? I’m not only sensitive about the perception for pain, my scale works exactly on the awareness of joy! Ha! And I know so well, how powerful and mighty it is! Only if, if I could bring this out from me…I guess, this is how I let the life pass on.

I could touch the power of their love.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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