My favorite places at home…

Early in the morning the view from the roof terrace*.
It reminds me though one of the small apartment at Karlsruhe in which I lived for the last time. I could see the backyard through my kitchen window. And I loved so much to look over the roofs to the sky, in any time of the day and night. The city roofs under the moon light, it’s just so romantic!
*The difference between a balcony and a terrace is still tricky for me, anyhow, from now on I’ll call it a roof terrace, ’cause it’s open to the sky.

The balcony room.
Well, actually it’s just a small room without a door, but lays just next to the roof terrace with the big window almost from the floor to the ceiling, as if the roof terrace extends into the room or contrary the room goes out to the terrace. So, it’s called ‘balcony room’.;) Around 12 o’clock here’s so full of sunshine.:))

And finally our workroom is cleaned up!Yay-!
(sorry, but I had to erase the photo from the workroom..for the right of Chris.)

I’m pretty curious/nervous what the owners of this apartment are going to say, when they see their furniture used totally different as they’re used to be..:? According to my old house, now there’s not so much space for doing my art works and I had to stock my stuffs somehow in it.

Ahhh.. just having a short glimpse to our kitchen makes me feel good and calm.
It’s all alright, nothing can be wrong and I’m in pace of my mind.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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