before they leave from me

2 Art works – The Lake(2010) and The Tree(2010) have been sold.
It’s a good news and I’m happy that they have their own new place with new owner now. But it’s also true that a part of my heart feels already empty…so, before they entirely leave from me, I took some pics in my favorite balcony room.

The Tree(2010)
That I have enough wood materials helped pretty much to put up the balcony room neatly. The MDF plate was from the ‘wall’ series which part was sawn off for the frame.;)

The Lake(2010)
On the back ground, it’s one of my deeply beloved, unfinished, and also untitled ‘motive’ series. And it gives always the right mood in any kind, in any place, I think. How I love it so much!

Well, that’s how our balcony room looks like. It’s too small to take a pic over the whole room. It’s for now lacking a seat cushion on the floor and my dream garden.;)

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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