nearing to the end of 2010

’cause I’m not raised in a christian family and I believe in buddhist words, – and that’s also why I struggle every year to design a new christmas card…anyway,
wishing a merry Christmas became somehow stranger to me, as I get older. So, I intend to be an honest buddhist and wish you all christian a merry and contemplative Christmas with your family. I hope you don’t forget to think about the meaning of christmas day and not only on christmas presents.:)

But it’s pretty cozy among the atmosphere of waiting for Christmas..yes, I agree.;)
It’s a bit pitty that this year I couldn’t have enough time to amuse myself in the winterly mood but it means also, there are lots of news for the coming year!:))

I really like to thank you all for keep watching me and my activities – web-exhibitions and online-shop etc.
I hope we’ll see soon again in 2011 and have much fun and many exciting adventures!:D

2 thoughts on “nearing to the end of 2010”

  1. 나도 요맘때만 되면 혹시 누가 나보고 '메리 우짜고' 하는 말을 건네면 어쩌나 불안해한답니다.ㅎㅎ;
    수표님도 나랑 좀 비슷하실…까요?
    아무튼 정말 새해엔 좋은 일 많이 생기길 바라요~

  2. 하하, 그러면 또 '메리 크리스마스!' 하고 답하면 되지요 머~ㅋㅋ 네네, 우리 새해엔 정말 좋은 일 많이 많이 만들어요!

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