grand new year!

Hi, everyone! I hope you all get into the new year well.;)
On the last Christmas and the New Year, Chris and I were by my sister in Seoul and we had so much lovely time and wonderful one big photo-spectrum just for a short glimpse.

With the beginning of this year I got an order for cards and also with an another question for a timeless birthday calendar. A new challenge to me! Yeh-!:D And as I work on it and ask myself for an appropriate calendar design.. o-hohoho, maybe I have found a new exhibit-technique for my artworks coming this year..shhh-! 😉

At the end of this month I’m moving out to an another house at Munich and Chris starts also his home-office at Munich from February, so after 4 year long partnership finally we may live together at new home!:D I’m so happy to set up ‘our’ home and there’ll be this Totoro on the bright lovely warm place and the seeds in his pouch are gonna be children of our dreams!
And now I should really start packing my households..huhu.;)

4 thoughts on “grand new year!”

  1. Viel Glueck Euch beiden mit Eurer ersten gemeinsamen Wohnung! Hoffentlich klappt alles gut.
    Liebe Gruesse

  2. su pyo, congrats on the new blog and the new appartment! The photos are great.. bit small though. And actually I was expecting more karaoke-photos! 🙂 what was the occasion with the cooking hat ? were u guys on a cooking show ??
    schönen gruß an Chris !
    – ari –

  3. Hallo Ari!:) Thanks, yea, I know that the photos are bit small. 😉 Maybe I can tell more later about the amusement in the karaoke, after I'm done with this moving-out-stress! I don't see any end of the packing at all!! About the cooking hat..we were at the 'Nanta' theater ( and Chris was called onto the stage for taking part in the theater.;)

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