just married

Last Friday our status has changed from engaged to married.:))
We needed about a month to plan and organize the wedding and the celebration on the next day. Even though we prepared very small and convenient – without any professional wedding planer nor event company, it was stressful enough during last few weeks. 😉

I had even a day off before the day of our marriage to order my bridal bouquet! And the bridal bouquet shop, where we at first visited, made us such a bad feeling that I should have ordered at least 4 or 6 months before! That’s insane, isn’t it?!! I didn’t like such wedding-business before but then I really started to hate all those jazz around wedding.:( I went to an other flower shop, which seemed a very usual, common flower shop, and could have my pretty, simple but fine bouquet right after then.:))
More pics from the wedding and the celebration are coming soon…;)

One of our hardest works during the whole preparation was doing handicrafts for these presents to our guest by the celebration!

I hope that our guest have fun and joy planting 3 different seeds! We didn’t let them know, what kind of seeds they got, hihi. Of course we are going to plant them, too!
But at first we have to find a new sweet home as fast as we can, because the owner of this appartment wishes us to move out till the end of next February.. Yes, it’s very hard for us, our Ponyo will be at the utmost only 2 months old in that time! 😦 Well, that’s sometimes, somehow the life, I guess. We try to look the bright side of this news – Ponyo can have its own room!:D And we are going to have a real, nice, cozy, comfortable home for our own.
So, let us dream sweet for the new start and for much love-!:))

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