You will hear from me so often this word, awareness. Nonetheless, I think, it's never enough to say one more time, how important and what a game changer it is, the Awareness.Until I got to understand the situation of sourdough - if the starter is rich enough, if the dough is under proofed or over… Continue reading Awareness

Stress and memory

Yesterday from the book 'science of yoga' by Ann Swanson, I learned new knowledge which is apparently no 'new' information at all, except for me as always.🤦‍♀️ In our brain through high level of stress, the fear increases the activity and the memory activity goes back. So, if you feel continuously laid under stress, it's… Continue reading Stress and memory your weakness

Everyone can have something what he wishes to hide behind, such like bad habits, painful memories, failures, fear, weak* parts physically or/and mentally. This doesn't mean, you were bound and labeled with such characters/curses/backgrounds for life. *a weakness is not any thing what you can not do but it's what you even don't know that… Continue reading your weakness

Dear my sons, I would like to tell you about 'one as whole' now, what I couldn't understand till just right before. For me, human was the last creature, I would see as 'whole'. But every yogis say that, you are whole, you are OK, you are enough and so on. Mind science from Budokon… Continue reading


Dear Jona, dear Toni, Let me write this time about emotions. So many things are judged to be good or bad, right or wrong, allowed or forbidden, and we must learn by ourselves how we can see the true value of them beyond such judgements with our own awareness and don't forget how and where,… Continue reading 2020.emotions


Jona und ich lerne Taekwondo bei Volkshochschule Unterhaching und letzten Freitag es gab das Jubiläum von Volkshochschule und unsere Taekwondo Schule hat wieder eine kleine Vorführung gezeigt. 도원이와 제가 배우는 태권도는 이 지역 문화회관 소속 학교에서 가르치는 거랍니다. 지난 금요일은 문화회관의 특별한 기념일을 축하하는 행사가 있었는데 거기에 저희 태권도 학교에서 또 한 번 태권도 무대를… Continue reading 2019.38


Wir haben 2 wochenlang mit meiner Schwester aus Korea zusammen verbracht. 동생이 한국에서 와줘서 같이 두 주일간 시간을 보냈답니다. Auch zum Gardasee in den Urlaub gefahren. 😉 가르다 호수로 여행도 다녀오고요.^^ Die Zypresse sind für mich das Symbol des Landes Italien. 이탈리아하면 이 싸이프레스 나무가 가장 먼저 떠올라요. 이번에 가까이서 볼 기회가 있었네요. Wunderschön. Erholsam.… Continue reading 2019.33+34


* Hallo! **Hi there, ***안녕하세요! * Willkommen zu Ich bin Su-Pyo Einsiedler, arbeite in einem Architekturbüro und lebe mit meinem Mann Chris und unseren 2 Kindern – Jona (7 1/2 J.) und Toni (bald 4 J.) in der Nähe von München. Hier schreibe ich wöchentlich von unseren alltäglichen Erlebnissen und mindestens 1 Mal im Jahr fasse ich meine Gedanken zusammen, so wie… Continue reading 2019.30


Eine wunderbare Woche verging, oh ja. 😉 꿈만 같던 한 주가 지나갔네요.^^ Jona ist jetzt groß genug und hilft gerne bei vielen Sachen. Toni ist, na ja, wie immer der kleiner Bruder halt. :-p 도원이는 이제 제법 컸다고 여러 일 도울려고 하고요. 하원이는 뭐, 언제나 그렇듯, 막내죠, 막내.ㅋㅋ Ein neuer Familienmitglied, ein Eukalyptusbaum! Chris hat… Continue reading 2019.29