“so awkward! Through a brise somewhere flied a seed and landed to me and I wished to plant the seed in the field of my heart, destiny.” 참 이상하지요! 바람에 실려온 홀씨 하나가 마음 밭에 떨어져 나는 그 씨앗을 품고 싶었습니다, 인연. 강수정 (Instagram @la_voyant) “There’s only life, nobody lives a life.” –Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj… Continue reading Faith.


Monday is just another day after Sunday, I say to myself already x-times, still sometimes it's hard to switch the mind from the common frame. The seated pose. Siddhasana. I see still my shoulders lightly posing inwards to chest. There was a telephone conference with kindergarten to speak about Toni's development in his age. Mostly… Continue reading educating


Art in English. Kunst auf Deutsch. It means for me learning tools and materials, practicing various methods until I find my own "way" from processes. Doing household, upbringing, drawing, painting, gardening, baking, practicing Yoga, training with martial arts, meditating, dancing, knitting, carpentry, and thousands of handicrafts...they are all coming from the one single root. And… Continue reading Arts

Hi, everyone. I feel, it was quite long time ago, as I have faced with my homepage so seriously like now. I would try to post here my daily practices with yoga, Taekwon-Do, sourdoughbread, art works, upbringing, gardening, meditating, etc. During last few years investing my time in Instagram, I've found quite many friends, connections… Continue reading

Dear my sons, I would like to tell you about 'one as whole' now, what I couldn't understand till just right before. For me, human was the last creature, I would see as 'whole'. But every yogis say that, you are whole, you are OK, you are enough and so on. Mind science from Budokon… Continue reading


* Hallo! **Hi there, ***안녕하세요! * Willkommen zu Ich bin Su-Pyo Einsiedler, arbeite in einem Architekturbüro und lebe mit meinem Mann Chris und unseren 2 Kindern – Jona (7 1/2 J.) und Toni (bald 4 J.) in der Nähe von München. Hier schreibe ich wöchentlich von unseren alltäglichen Erlebnissen und mindestens 1 Mal im Jahr fasse ich meine Gedanken zusammen, so wie… Continue reading 2019.30


Auf meinem Küchentisch, Sprossen von Kresse und Gerste. 부엌 한 귀퉁이엔 무순과 보리순이 초록초록 나오고 있고요, auf Fensterbank Baumwolle aufgekeimt. 창가엔 목화씨가 싹을 틔웠습니다. Grün und Rot sind die Farben auf dem Tisch zur Zeit. 😉 샛빨갛고 녹색물이 물씬하게, 요즘 상에 즐겨 올라오는 음식 입니다.   Kinder sind trotzdem ganz Treu an Nudeln ohne Soße, wie… Continue reading 2019.19


5 Tage langer Besuch nach Korea bei meinen Eltern. Es war gut, trotz der kurzen Aufenthalt. 닷새 간의 한국 부모님댁 방문. 너무나 짧은 기간이었음에도 좋았습니다. Bukhan Mountain. 북한산. Als ich heim kam...Blumenstrauß von meinem Mann, 집에 돌아오니... 남편 손에 들려 있던 꽃다발. 연애시절에도 꼭 어디 멀리 떨어져 있다 오거나 멀리 떠날 적엔 꽃다발을 안겨주던 사람.… Continue reading 2019.16+17