#05 tea bag

I thought, it's though better to relaunch my small present [mit-bring-sel] than to wait until I get ready to post #04 frame. So, here's the #05 Tea bag. ­čÖé I used the idea of the pouch design from a book about the Korean traditional Boudoir Craft. And that's why the form of tea bag looks… Continue reading #05 tea bag

#03 note pad

Taraa-, the small note pad! ­čśë This time for the 'small present', das Mitbringsel, it's one of my own ideas and kind of recycling way. I had thousands of paper rest in size of about 12cm x 24cm from my 2nd single exhibition in 2007. I wondered always how I can use these and not… Continue reading #03 note pad

#02 snow balls

It's very sweet in tongue and for eyes and also very simple to prepare. You need some plain cake or biscuit (300g), I used ready-made Zitronenkuchen lemon cake from the supermarket. White chocolate coating (150g) and orange juice (8 Ts). Put ca. 50g chocolate coating grated aside and melt the rest of chocolate in a… Continue reading #02 snow balls

#01 cereal yoghurt with seasonal fruits in jam jar

I couldn't hide my fondness for German, especially in this case, and so the word 'das Mitbringsel' came to the title, too. And I think, what I wish to write here are more like das Mitbringsel and not only small present..! I feel much hearty from the German nuance. I think, my German friends or… Continue reading #01 cereal yoghurt with seasonal fruits in jam jar