Hello, my name is su-pyo.
I was born in Seoul, South-Korea in 1976 and graduated as bachelor in architecture at the Univ. Yonsei in Seoul. In 1999 I came to Germany for diploma, started at the Univ. Kaiserslautern. 2 years later I changed to the Univ. Karlsruhe and finished the architecture studium as Diplom-Engineer in 2005.
I started drawing and making jewellery and other craftworks since 2004 and was once my private homepage as a hobby during the studying time and when I started to work freelance in design and art (2006), I named it after my studio with the motto ‘another scale of happiness’.

I don’t believe that we are always happy with our life or ourselves,
even if we achieved exactly ‘the one thing’ that we’ve eagerly wished for.
But I do believe that we can be happy again, even happier,
when we have some time and space in our mind to
see, feel, understand, imagine, hope and dream.
And that’s the main theme of my work– showing you and me the moment
for having time and space in mind and finding our own happiness.

Now I’m living and working in Unterhaching, near Munich, with my husband and our son Jona.
Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to see you again.
Best regards, su-pyo

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