It’s always somewhere in between, between a little much and a little less. However, there is no place for a balanced state and how much we wish.
Right now I’ve come to an understanding and that’s because we live in motion. We must always choose this or that, and in the act of choosing it is inevitable that we undergo an imbalance. So I don’t think we can live in balance.
It scares us, so we make our own choices to choose the preferred thing or action. Even though we are going into an imbalance, we try to ensure us, this way ist the right one, a better one to meet the balance in our lives. In fact, any direction, any decision would lead us to the imbalance. And for good reason. We know better what the balance means to us, after we are out of balance.
Perhaps living is about finding the way back to the balance again and again? And every time the path to the balance varies, would we learn more and get a lot of understanding?

2 thoughts on “210822”

  1. I do think it is as you say. Always trying to find balance and learning on the way to it. That is life. I’m glad I found your blog. Regards 🙂

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