I started to dream at night. From my unconscious world there’s probably something wants to indicate to me.
Since I was going on with self-observation, I hardly remembered about dreams at night. I woke up even talking today morning. I watched carefully into my inner world. What does she want to say to me. What am I hiding inside of me. Then all of a sudden. Ah. I understood, why I couldn’t accept the way of loving me by my ex-husband. Or to say better, why he couldn’t find a way to love me. I thought, I may write a letter to him. If I want to write him a letter, it must be out of compassion, not from pity, should not desire to clear something, not to get my righteousness back. If I do any thing related on my past life, it should be the end for the darkness of one’s mind, it should be the answer toward the light of one’s future. And here… I hesitate. It’s not the right time yet.

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