I had a snail roommate for a while, she just came into the soil of eucalyptus tree pot by occasion, I guess. It was quite nice and friendly to have a such quiet and slow fellow to live with. I even researched and studied to feed her or at least to offer something to eat. Watching her or rather looking after her every morning and evening, as much as my joy and pleasure grew, also my worries and sorrow were getting bigger. What if she feels too small wandering around the pot, what if she doesn’t like to eat my offerings, what if.. This ‘what-if’ questions were never getting less, only more and more day after day. Somehow, it felt like as same as parenting. And then I knew, I was building a bond which limits my mind, also an attachment to the snail, the desire to be someone special for her. Then, there’s actually no love between our relationship. Like observing my own children with what they want, how they wish to grow up, I enjoyed the moments in which we share the same space. One day early in the morning, she was crawling or taking her rest in the middle of the tiled wall of my bathroom. It was the time to say farewell to each other. I brought her to the frontyard of the house, where she can maybe feel home. Every goodbye is not easy, because we see something goes a part from us. But I know, it’s the begin for her to live naturally. I thanked her for the stay by me.

The Korean radish. I have planted them since two years, but this is the first time I really harvested the radish. Probably the soil in which I planted them wasn’t the right one, they blossomed quite soon and I never saw, their roots building radishes. But the flowers were also very beautiful – in white, fine and almost transient, but so wild and quite strong. I was feeling the freedom they savored and the desire to survive in them.
I guess, the spinach are also trying hard to survive in their pot, for they bloom so fast before even making leaves..I feel so sorry for them. Because of my lacking experience with gardening they are giving the best under the severe circumstance. And this is the very nature of what we are, the very way of every living beings. You don’t see only the beauty or the awesomeness in nature, which the nature itself doesn’t care if she looks beautiful or amazing. That’s only the one sided thought of human beings. This is science. It has nothing to do with spiritual belief nor kind of art. We don’t see things as they are, even with open eyes. What a pity, but this too, is the part of universe.
With my salad and Korean radish from the mini garden on my window I made Kimchi. Those pebbles from Korean seashore giving my Kimchi a fragrance of sea.

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