Palate. (Nectar of compassion)

Releasing the palate is a true art in that it corresponds to the letting go of technique…..

During breathing practices or asanas practices, while practicing gaze, or in everyday life situations, if you get confused, feel tension or anger, become lost in thought, or doubt yourself, simply release your palate. See what happens.

Symbolically, releasing the palate can be thought of as the act of allowing the nectar of compassion to penetrate every cell of your body.


We each have a limitless stash of this nectar at the root of our own palate, if only we knew how to access it!

Text in ‘the art of vinyasa’ from Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor
Hap-jang. 합장. Drawing story of this week, also the begin of art project.
Process of ‘hap-jang’
Stay tuned…😉

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