The word yoga has several meanings. Among them are “union”, “concentration”, “a path” and “relation”. The word itself comes from the verbal root yuj which means “to yoke or join” and is why the word yoga is most commonly associated with the idea of union.


Yoga is a special type of concentration, called samadhi. Samadhi means “absorption” and it is a natural tendency of the mind to become absorbed in things, whether thoughts, objects, work, ideas, a love interest, or goals. When it comes to absorbing the mind in spiritual pursuits, the mind is said to take on the form of that which we are contemplating, and eventually, that deep level of absorption leads to the insight and experience of our true nature. In the deepest level of samadhi, one gains knowledge of one’s inner being, or self.

“One simple thing”, Eddie Stern

Dear Jona and Toni, I started with Yoga practices by myself without any knowledge about yoga, but the whole process was leading me to the spiritual awakening and unconsciously I was looking after the answer to ‘who I am’. Along the journey with Yoga movements I found the awareness and the consciousness getting built inside of me and also my abandoned self arose. The self, whose body, mind and soul were scattered all over through lifetime. My daily practice was teaching me, how strong is my willing to be united. I thought, I do not have the self-love and do not know how to love myself. But the self-love is already there, always has existed. Only I wasn’t recognising because of my own ignorance. Loving is the very nature of all beings. You don’t have to suspect at all. When you see and find your true self, you will be living in love. To see and find yourself, go as far as you can, experience as many as you can, feel with your heart as full as you can. There’s no wrong or right way, only from wrong choices you would learn and access into the right door of your life. I love you so much just as you are.

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