“so awkward! Through a brise somewhere flied a seed and landed to me and I wished to plant the seed in the field of my heart, destiny.”

참 이상하지요! 바람에 실려온 홀씨 하나가 마음 밭에 떨어져 나는 그 씨앗을 품고 싶었습니다, 인연. 강수정 (Instagram @la_voyant)

“There’s only life, nobody lives a life.” –Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

I came across this sentence one day and was very fascinated. Actually there’s no exact translation for this Korean word, 인연 In-Yeon. It could be a destiny or a tie between relationship. I was inspired by the sentence and drew this. I call it though ‘faith’, the willingness to try. This interpretation is not from me, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj said already. I saw, in destiny there’s a beautiful willingness of one’s being. Like a seed lying in the darkness.

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