The ever truth

The ever truth doesn’t contradict itself. Isn’t it wonderful and blissful?! I have now confidence in me, because it wasn’t me being insecure or doubtful of this life. I didn’t know what I don’t know. Eventhough there’re still struggles and fights all over the world inside as outside, I sought and found the truth and started to unveil illusions one after another.

When we say one thing, like the race, the hottest issue right now, we are unconsciously condemning the existence of racism or anti-racism, which are only in thought and mind, it’s not the reality, the ever truth. Also, without body there’s no accusation for any thought or mind to be existing. And the ever truth says, we are not the body, nor thought, nor mind. We should go beyond..🙏

For training at home I bought a tai chi trouser and immediately start to love it.😍 why can’t Dobok be more comfortable to move? 🤔

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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