Of course facts are real! I live among them. But you live with fancies, not with facts. Facts never clash, while your life and world are full of contradictions. Contradiction is the mark of the false; the real never contradicts itself. For instance, you complain that people are abjectly poor. Yet you do not share your riches with them. You mind the war next door, but you hardly give it a thought when it is in some far off country. The shifting fortunes of your ego determine your values, ‘i think’, ‘i want’, ‘i must’ are made into absolutes.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The world’s problems were created by numberless people like you, each full of his own desires and fears. Who cann free you of your past, personal and social, except yourself? And how will you do it unless you see the urgent need of your first being free of cravings born of illusion? How can you truly help, as long as you need help yourself?

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

There are various intentions of non-(re-)action and I would like to ask you and myself, if each of us are aware of needing help for ourselves at all.

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