Object vs. Subject

Most of people would take videos or pictures to catch the best presenting moment or performance, but for me it’s more like to motivate myself. Letting the camera shoot automatically in 10 seconds and trying again and again with handstanding. I can’t hold 10 seconds yet, not even get the alignment easily every time. But making the situation worse, there’s even a desire in me, ‘maybe this last!(but it came out probably 10th from 50th…) time I would make it..?! So, give you all, go!’ and the reality is, more greater than desire there’s the fear deep inside, fear from falling and hurting myself. To overcome all of these emotions and my level, I push myself to do again and again…until I suddenly have no fear, no desire. ‘Ach was, ist mir alles EGAL!’ (arg, whatever! I don’t care any thing!!) only my body moves and tries on and on. A-ha. There I go, I finally corrected and changed my gaze, soon the alignment comes out better. 😉

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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