Being part of

Drawing story of this week. Finding the way.

I was told to let my inner fight be part of my life. It was so hard to understand. I was thinking all day long over and over again. I wasn’t understanding at all what it means. After the dance online class in the evening, again with some frustrated feeling, (for I can’t follow well yet the choreography from the teacher..😥) I was moving my body just to the music. Something made klick! inside my heart. I was definitely sinking into my feelings, but without sorrow, without regret, with no any attachment to grief. I understood finally being part of my feelings. I was dancing, grooving with full of awareness. It was wonderful, a new idea even fell on me for next art project. I was living in my feelings. So alive. And so enjoying. ❤

Day 1! I started to take online classes of Ksenia Parkhatskaya.😉

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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