Wake up

Kids know the best how to love themselves. They are not separated yet from their needs of body, mind and soul. They don’t think or plan to achieve their dreams. They build no images of the world. Then they see, observe, learn how we as adults do, act, teach. They start to imagine about the world through our eyes, our thoughts, our memories. All false. I am not saying, it’s wrong or right. It’s but false what they believe they see, think or feel. From the very beginning there’s already contradiction inside each of us. We say one thing, do or feel in another way, think and believe again in totally different theory. Being oneself is not the same as being honest or being open. For you still have at least two or three other parts disagreeing to your own appearance or gut. Think, re-think, think over. And choose, take action, do again. It’s never too late to wake up.

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