Love yourself

The time with pandemic seems to extend the duration with no end and it was so visible that kids don’t move enough, although we go outside everyday. I wish, of course, they would follow me practicing Yoga and Taekwon-Do, but I understand it’s not their will.

Nonetheless, I insisted my elder son Jona to do some workouts like jumping jack and plank. Soon he got tired, or better to say bored. I admit, I’m not an any easy going mom. And I’m not really friendly by teaching. But, I believe, this is the most important, maybe the only thing in one’s life, I can and shall give to my kids, teaching how to love and care oneself.

“why you should do this and that,.. it’s because you are living in your body and through these exercises you are going to learn how to be aware of your body. By time you will grow up, play, learn and be an adult, and it’s not so important what kind of human you will be, how you are, how you look like, what you do for living. But you should be aware of your body where ‘you’ are dwelling, also your feelings, what your thoughts are creating. To be aware of yourself, it’s so much important to know how you move your body and mind. This is taking care of yourself, calls love. This is the very first step to learn, how you love yourself.”

Eventhough I’m no native German speaking mom, I think, Jona understood well.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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