mother and child

Dear Jona, dear Toni,
today is mother’s day in Germany and I would like to explain you about the relationship between you and me. Yes, you two came to this world as children from me and your father. But that doesn’t mean, without me or father, you two weren’t here today. Independently you two were, are, will be always there, we just came to this life time to live as one family together. In eastern way of thinking, we gathered lots of karma through actions from previous lives and therefore we met each other in this world and we are living and acting every second, every moment and this would give a connection to our the next life probably.

For this binding with you, as mother and children, I’m more than happy and thankful and would be glad, if you are also grateful to have met me as your mother, who is a seeker, an enthusiast of Self and Knowledge, Experience forever. There’s no reason for me to receive any flower to celebrate the mother’s day, for every day is for me the day as mother of you two.

With love, your mother
May, 2020

Sourdough Focaccia with barley, it was so hard to resist against eating more and more.🙈🤤👌

I thought to make my own compost from now on. I produced so many green waste actually and why not do also something actively environmental friendly and helpful for my garden?! I don’t know why I came up to this idea so late..🙈

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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