The scariest moment. When I start to believe, no more strength is left and my fear eats me up, so I can’t find any way out at all. Nonetheless, trying right away again helps me to overcome my fear. It doesn’t mean, I gained suddenly the strength nor the courage, I am not doing with blind outrage. But I am showing to myself that I believe in me, that I am able to do this. If I would fail, it’s also okay – at least I won’t build an illusion of fear any more. But I didn’t fail. I can do this.

I can say now, the opposite word of a hero is not a coward. They are one, like each sides of coin. The most fearful people can be, or are the most courageous super hero. Because I am the timidest, at the same time I can be the bravest. Duality melts in to one. This is the reality. All is one.

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