Ok, my last posting about plant motivated myself to plant rest seeds from my gardening cabinet. 😉

You know the play?
“Ich sehe was Du nicht siehst und das ist, Grün! 😀” I see something what you don’t see and it’s green!

Barley started to grow and tomatoes made to sprout, too! Yay! 🙌 now this time, I won’t let them grow over my head 🙈, I’ll make them tight and thick. I didn’t know I should cut off second branches near primary branch and at last we harvested only 1! little, though the sweetest ever tomato of the world.😅

Calamarata Pasta Recipe from la.storia I added oyster mushrooms too.

Only to read and to recognize that emotions are not me, thoughts neither, doesn’t help me much to see me at hard, violent moments separately when I’m undergoing such situations. But only the past can be understood that I am not that emotion, not that thought. I learned at least, I can observe myself and eventhough it feels unbearable, I am able and capable to live and love my life. And a bit closer I know myself, define what I want, see what’s important for me. I feel the glow of light in my heart, again. Maybe, this is what makes life worthy.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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