You will hear from me so often this word, awareness. Nonetheless, I think, it’s never enough to say one more time, how important and what a game changer it is, the Awareness.
Until I got to understand the situation of sourdough – if the starter is rich enough, if the dough is under proofed or over proofed, if it needs more folding, how it should be tucked by shaping, etc… it took so long time by me. Some succeeded at once, some after several trials, and some like me, if any, not only 1 year, almost 3 years! I read, researched, and tried over, over again. Helpless. I didn’t fail always, but once came out okay, next time again a hard brick. It was for me so tricky and mysterious, the world of sourdough bread.

Side by side, my Yoga practices such as Taekwon-Do trainings felt also hard and frustrating. I wished to understand how it feels, when I am doing correctly. I gave my best with whatever I did, so my appearance or results were okay, but in my heart it wasn’t satisfying. Because I was looking for something, something so obvious for outer world, but only for me in veil.
At last, I heard from my psychotherapist, I am lacking of Self-love. If anyone was following my life journey, it might have been noticed, after this finding, almost everything around me and my life showed enormous ‘progress’. I became aware of myself. I gained the power to see myself in another angle and I was re-defining almost everything about me. I was re-setting my life.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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