Trying several styles of men to draw.
Toni’s first ‘Strichmännchen’ 😍 (stick figure in English) I like so much that he drew obviously ears bigger so that the man could hear better 😉, this is what Toni explained.)

After the telephone conference with kindergarten yesterday, I have to do actively something with Toni, I thought. Actually, he has been just waiting in the morning, until his brother gets done with homeworks from his school. But now I got a note from educators that Toni needs several things to learn, like how to draw a man or to distinguish today, tomorrow and yesterday, or which day is today, which month, and so on. Suddenly I got more things to do..😓

My daily meals, always the same, but different tastes through boiling, dampen, or just raw 😉

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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