Monday is just another day after Sunday, I say to myself already x-times, still sometimes it’s hard to switch the mind from the common frame.

The seated pose. Siddhasana. I see still my shoulders lightly posing inwards to chest.

There was a telephone conference with kindergarten to speak about Toni’s development in his age. Mostly it wasn’t much surprising to me, but one thing took my breathe back for a moment. The educator suspected, Toni might have less confidence or uncertainty. As mother, the feeling of guilty pierced through my heart, you know. I can’t help but feel sorry for him and hope so much, he would not go through the hardness of life as I did and still struggle so much to establish my confidence and trust. And if this is true, I ask myself, if Toni needs more attention and love corresponding to his age. We as parents always find first how naughty he behaves and how fast he grows up, comparing to his brother’s development, yes, like many other younger siblings in the family. But maybe he is wanting even more attention, because he is afraid of being ‘second’.

Teaching is learning, so true. Learning myself and educating myself. Never think that you as teacher are helping someone as student. The help will be seeked by the student himself, you can’t give them, eventhough you would love to. Only when you concentrate in learning and educating yourself constantly, striving to find the humble and faithful Self in balance, you are not only showing the way ‘Do’ to your students, but also making the world better.

Today’s drawing story
Spring at Unterhaching

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