Gut brain

Around 95 per cent of your serotonin, a chemical needed for mood regulation, is stored in and partially controlled by your gut. “Gut brain”, or enteric nervous system (ENS) dysfunction is associated with gastrointestinal upset and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), depression, and anxiety.

from science of yoga, Ann Swanson

It means, gut health and nervous system health are connected quite close to each other and affect mutually. Yoga can improve both digestion and mood significantly. Interesting, huh?!

I had no idea, 3 years ago, why I couldn’t digest foods any more which I used to eat without problems. I thought, it’s probably for the arrival of early premenopause. It was stressful with babies of course. I didn’t accept it as stress though, only one of natural phase in life as mother and parent. I endured and swallowed up everything, my emotions, my wishes, my dreams, my beliefs, and myself at the end. Only foods from outside, they won’t be able to get in. Doctors couldn’t find any possible reason from my symptoms. No alcohol, no sweeties, no fat, no oil, no meat, no yeast, no intensive ingredients like onion, garlic, cloves, chili, all kind of ready-made sauces. The list won’t get shorter by the time. The sourdoughbread journey started also with this reason. It’s not any hobby more to bake breads for me, it’s one of my edible healthy foods.

Ironically, better fortunately!, my yoga and Taekwon-Do journey started, just before I found this change of my digestion. I wasn’t aware of my mental and physical states and yoga brought me to the awareness and I was building the consciousness inside of me. And with Taekwon-Do training I was challenged to set up new my confidence to fight through my issuses.

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