This year I am not much motivated planning for balcony garden. Somehow I learned, I should let things be as they are and gardening comes for me a bit too much intention of mine..🤦‍♀️probably this is also my overthinking reaction, yeah..😢

However, and therefore, I greet even more my few life being on the balcony. I never think that plants are stucked to one spot, can’t move, can’t protect themselves or can’t fight back for their rights. No, never ever. The logic and the science of plant world might be the highest developed level on this planet, I believe. You might have seen the movie Avatar from James Cameron, right? It’s not only a fiction, actually the movie displayed wonderfully and beautifully the plant system, I think.

We only don’t see through our eyes or hear any kind of sounds of plants. I started with planting some seeds at my tiny student room in Germany. It was a pleasant feeling to watch how they root, sprout and later bloom, also harvesting was a great fun. I was no gardner, never touched soil before, killed my plants so many times 😭 for lack of knowledge, and still I’m far away from any professional hobby gardners, despite how I am, I admire plants more than any creature on this world. They can communicate each other, they can live harmonic with other beings together, but sometimes let other sorts die, if it’s not adaptable for their survival. So crucial, though so vulnerable. And they live as they are. They don’t try to be. They just live.

Sourdoughbread with mugwort
Lame from wiremonkeyshop

One day, planting wheat and rice, harvesting vegetables and fruits from my garden, going fishing, working as artisan, training and meditating, this will be my life.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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