Stress and memory

Yesterday from the book ‘science of yoga’ by Ann Swanson, I learned new knowledge which is apparently no ‘new’ information at all, except for me as always.🤦‍♀️ In our brain through high level of stress, the fear increases the activity and the memory activity goes back.

So, if you feel continuously laid under stress, it’s probably also easily to happen, that you forget some small things. Many ‘busy’ people get their apologies for forgetting nasty, daily tasks like remembering birthdays, shopping lists, or the last place of their keys, etc. But it could be a sign that they are not aware of themselves and it’s not their privilege to be reminded by beloved people or secretary. They just didn’t understand how their brain functions and their ignorance made them not to develop their brain.

What we should think about seriously is, ‘stress’ is one of emotions. It means, it’s up to every person’s perceptual ability. If something is stressful for you, maybe for others not. Not the job or situation is stressful, but you failed to handle the task or the event in balance. The emotion called stress is not the problem but we accept the stress to control our mind, this is the fact we have to see. It says clearly, that we can/shall train our mind to reduce the stress inside of us.

I train my fearful mind by going to my limit. And there’s soooooo many times facing with my fear, whenever I practice yoga.

Kids know intuitively they haven’t tried yet to go upside-down, they build an uncertainty in their mind, but no fear yet. I can, quite proud of me 🤗, support them to experience how it feels and what they need to make it happen.

4 hand mudras, padma mudra, hakini mudra, shuni mudra and buddhi mudra, you can practice to improve your brain by concentration and awareness. from the book ‘science of yoga’ by Ann Swanson

For the first time I fell backwards by practicing forearmstand and you won’t believe me, how glad I am to make this happen! Yeeees!!! I can’t say enough, but you have to learn to fall, to feel how it is, that fear in that moment. But once you got, you take the upperhand of control. Now I can fall under control, so I can push me more, for I would not be anxious like before. This is the power and pride one can have. Not the ability or performance to impress others and to be admired by others.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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