Trust and confidence, these two were always missing by me. It comes from the lack of knowledge, not knowing who I am and what I am not. Then as result, in their place plays the fear in roll. To build fear inside, it is not even necessary to have experienced something. You saw once somewhere, you heard once from someone, all becomes to your memories. Memorised knowledge is enough to build one’s fear.

Now it’s time to break this false memories. Q: Why do I train, what do I train, A: to overcome my fear of memories.

Of course it’s hard, scary, difficult, challenging. But we only learn and grow through pains. Pleasure is the reward of pain, said Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

But pain is the price of pleasure, he said. This is the circle of life.

It doesn’t happen always, but let’s embrace the moment. Stay healthy physically and mentally, friends.😉

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