Art in English. Kunst auf Deutsch. It means for me learning tools and materials, practicing various methods until I find my own “way” from processes. Doing household, upbringing, drawing, painting, gardening, baking, practicing Yoga, training with martial arts, meditating, dancing, knitting, carpentry, and thousands of handicrafts…they are all coming from the one single root. And this root calls love.
I can surely interpret my activities as kind of worship to handicrafts. Through my whole life, working physically with my own hands gave me the highest, purest joy and fulfillness. Although while I learn each skills, techniques, I must have experienced also the bitter sweet failures, frustration. But only to notice how deep my love is. I would start and try again.
Why do you name things you really like to do as “hobby”?🤷‍♀️ only because it doesn’t make money for you and it doesn’t get enough interest of people? Only because you are not that much good enough? How much is then for you ‘good enough’? Is there any limit to be good enough? And for whom should you be good enough..? If you made your hobby to a job, wonderful, but then does it mean, suddenly it must work like any other jobs? And you do any things, if it makes your dreamjob present? While you weight and judge about the other’s reactions… Your love won’t have chance to grow.
This is what I am saying to myself, who once looked dreadily for others recognition and gave up to find the true self.
This is what I live for. To gain the way to love myself.

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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