My mind is only projecting the image of the world that I built up for me. This explains, why the other is the mirror of myself. I am not knowing whether if the other is like me or totally different, but I am witnessing what ‘I’ feel, how ‘I’ react on them.

I must have learned a very heartbreaking lesson newly and that caused me to rethink about my Internet presence. I was deeply disappointed about some truth, beyond good or bad. I felt, again, all my emotions going collapsed. Then, at the end I must acknowledge bitterly, that I am the one who couldn’t accept the truth. For I dream a world without desires of glory, fame, money.

I won’t fight for my belief, but at least I am here showing up to you and shout loud, stop chasing after appearance but find your innerself! And this is what yoga for!!!!

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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