2020.love your weakness


Everyone can have something what he wishes to hide behind, such like bad habits, painful memories, failures, fear, weak* parts physically or/and mentally. This doesn’t mean, you were bound and labeled with such characters/curses/backgrounds for life.
*a weakness is not any thing what you can not do but it’s what you even don’t know that you don’t know.

By acknowledging your weakness, you win the chance to change them and let you free from them. The hard, steady work is necessary though, but it’s possible. At the very first step, you have to see your weakness. Don’t ignore them but embrace them. Only you yourself can hug and take care of yourself. Don’t look for help or tenderness of someone or praises or recognition from outside. Those can give you the feeling of happiness, satisfaction, confidence. But they don’t care who you are. It means, when you make mistake, maybe lost the competition once or don’t show enough your strength/services to them, they turn their back to you at first. To keep them be interested in you or better to say, your capacity, you will loose easily the true self and you don’t even notice that you already lost yourself. You don’t know who you are at all. You will feel lonely, because you find, nobody wants to see your true virtue, nobody understands you.

Let’s start to love our own weakness and improve ourselves through humble and simple works. On the way of loving yourself, you will not only make you free from your weakness but also gain the most powerful state of mind. You can love everyone, everything in the world, and the universe will come inside to you. You are the universe, my children. This is not my words. Already many wise men through ages knew and said. And I believe them and me too, one day will gain this ultimate state of mind.

With love, your mother
End of March, 2020

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