july 27th, 2015

150724-01Hi there, thanks so much for coming by my homepage! I promised to myself to renew ‘about me’ yearly and this year, to honor the last year of my 30s ;-), I am posting it on my 39th birthday.
I have a lovely family – husband and our son coming to be 4 in half a year. We are living in Unterhaching, near Munich, Germany. Right now I’m pregnant with our second child and my maternity leave has just begun. I keep writing here at least every week about the life of our little family and there’s another blog by me called ‘su-pyos praxis‘ (written in German), which I will postpone until I come back to work after the parental leave.
I studied architecture in Korea and Germany, worked as a freelancer in art and design, went to an architectural office in Munich until the maternity leave started.
I love every handicraft works, nowadays I am very engaged in crocheting for our upcoming baby.
Newly it became very clear for me to define the difference between ‘who I am’ and ‘what I want’. I am an artist, but in the field of life and not of art. In German like a ‘Lebenskünstler’ – jemand, der die Kunst beherrscht, das Leben zu meistern, stets das Beste aus jeder Situation zu machen. someone who has mastered the art to cope with life, always to make the best of every situation.meaning from Duden And I want to operate projects with people like rough diamonds over the world, small or big, artistic or architectural, regional or global, any kind and any form based on my belief; realizing ‘another scale of happiness’.
Dreaming pretty big, huh? Yep, that’s me. 😉 And all of you are very welcome to come along with me!
sincerely, su-pyo

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