#06 2d present box tag

Actually I made this for Jona’s Advent calendar then I thought, it could be also used as just a normal tag for any gift.141031-02
So, here’s the pattern for this 2d present box tag. 141031-03
And when it’s folded on 3 lines inwards, you see already the form of the tag.
141123-04To be seemed more like 3 dimensional, I put some stripes on it as if it were wrapped like a present. And there’s also a reason behind, why I let the stripe longer on 3 other sides.141123-05
When you wish to leave some message in there, those 3 left over stripes will fasten together like an envelope. 141123-03But before you stick the stripes, don’t forget to thread any yarn to hang on the present. 😉

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