#05 tea bag

I thought, it’s though better to relaunch my small present [mit-bring-sel] than to wait until I get ready to post #04 frame. So, here’s the #05 Tea bag. ­čÖé
I used the idea of the pouch design from a book about the Korean traditional Boudoir Craft. And that’s why the form of tea bag looks like kind of a pocket.141030-02
By making the prototype, I used a colored yarn, but it’s not advisable if you think that this bag could be boiled in a pot.
The material is the usual paper filter for tea and I sewed in the pouch shape without the upper side where the tea can be filled.141120-03
I found a recipe of spice blend for Gl├╝hwein wine punch – dried peel of orange, dried slices of ginger, cinnamon and clove…141120-02
…come into the bag…141120-01
and I closed the upper side.141122-06
With a name tag, the tea bag can be pepped up! ­čśë
Anyone, who wants to join a glass of Gl├╝hwein with me?

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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