#03 note pad

Taraa-, the small note pad! 😉 This time for the ‘small present’, das Mitbringsel, it’s one of my own ideas and kind of recycling way.
I had thousands of paper rest in size of about 12cm x 24cm from my 2nd single exhibition in 2007. I wondered always how I can use these and not just throw away. I started for me to make them as a note and cuted to a half size. I especially like this paper, because it’s originally for water color painting, it lets very good to write down with any kind of pens or pencils.
Here I used my old stamps from my latest drawings and varied stamp colors. Do you also remember which motive was for which drawings? 😉140731-09-mitbringsel 140731-12-mitbringsel 140731-15-mitbringsel 140731-14-mitbringsel 140731-11-mitbringsel 140731-13-mitbringsel 140731-10-mitbringsel 140731-07-mitbringsel 140731-08-mitbringsel 140731-06-mitbringsel 140731-05-mitbringsel
And sometimes I sketched over the stamped figures…hehe.140803-01-mitbringsel
To wrap a card or anything flat and quite small, I usually take this wrapping method of mine. I also designed it for my buyers from online shops but basically it’s so simple and doesn’t need any designed or special wrapping paper. A4 or A3 or square, any size paper will work. I put the content in the middle and fold the paper around the content from all four sides. Then you’ll have such folded line like on the photo upside.140803-02-mitbringsel
Cut out such triangles where folds are, but only from the top and the bottom.140803-03-mitbringsel
The wrapping paper should not be thick but if it should be transported safely, I grab better harder one. And begin to wrap, just like the nummer in the photo above.140806-02-mitbringsel 140806-03-mitbringsel
140806-04-mitbringselI like wrapping with rope and the clip for the note pad can be used in decorative purpose. 😉 I already took one of these note paper as a small card, too.
It can be very fine and unique present for someone, who doesn’t need any special things to be bought, but when you looking for something to show them your heart and love. I can also make one for you, if you don’t have much time or materials like stamps or paper. Just write me a mail. 😉

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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