#02 snow balls

It’s very sweet in tongue and for eyes and also very simple to prepare.
You need some plain cake or biscuit (300g), I used ready-made Zitronenkuchen lemon cake from the supermarket. White chocolate coating (150g) and orange juice (8 Ts). Put ca. 50g chocolate coating grated aside and melt the rest of chocolate in a bain-marie (hot water). Mix the cake with orange juice and melted chocolate coating. After it has been cooled down, make them as a ball and let them roll over the grated chocolate. The point is, those balls should be really cold, otherwise the chocolate rasper wouldn’t stay as it is…the fluffy snow would be melted away, as in my case. ;-( The second point about this small present is that it holds only 3 or 4 days in refrigerator. 140731-01_mitbringsel140730-01_mitbringsel
I prepared a jam jar filled with imitated stones to put the snow balls in it.
And I wrapped it in a sandwich bag with a small card of mine. 🙂

*Recipe from Geschenke aus der Küche

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