#01 cereal yoghurt with seasonal fruits in jam jar

I couldn’t hide my fondness for German, especially in this case, and so the word ‘das Mitbringsel’ came to the title, too. And I think, what I wish to write here are more like das Mitbringsel and not only small present..! I feel much hearty from the German nuance. I think, my German friends or readers will understand what I mean. 😉

Let me start this new category with a daily gift for me – the cereal yoghurt with seasonal fruits in a jam jar.
I prepare the jar on the day before and take it to the office for the lunch. It’s quite refreshing after I worked 4-5 hours in front of computer and my head is burning down to finish my job. And the summer fruits are absolutely the killer of tired body and soul, don’t you think so? I do love this hot season! 😉140721-01
In one jar … 150g plain yoghurt, 3 or 4 spoons of cereal, 7-8 blueberries and 5 strawberries in small pieces. That’s all! If someone likes to have it sweeter, maple syrup can be dropped one or two drops on it. This one goes to my husband for tomorrow. 😉140723-01
And in my jar, I varied the fruit with nectarine! 140723-02
I like the present with food just open and clear to be watched at once. There’s no better wrapping than its pure and natural ingredients, I believe. With a tiny card, wishing a good ‘Mahlzeit!’ have a good meal time!, the rest of a day will be hopefully stress-free. 🙂

Thank you for your kind feedback!

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