review ‘markt der sinne’ november 2013

Markt der Sinne November 2013
Praterinsel, Munich
Nov. 01 – 03, 2013 11 – 19 o’clock
together with L’Enfant Terrible Childrenswear

I must have had the beginner’s luck by the last craft show Markt der Sinne Ostern 2013. This time, my second participation by the show, was not that successful but there are some lovely and hearty stories I want to share with you.
An old woman, who forgot to take her hearing device with her and couldn’t hear me so well, so I should almost shout into her ears, came to me twice, on the first day and the second day too, to buy my cards and won’t foget to praise my works.
Some people, even if there were only 2 or 3, remembered me and my logo from the last time and were very happy to see me again.
A middle aged man, who remembered that he bought my cards by the last show, took almost each one of all my cards and didn’t mind to pay me even more, saying that he likes to support the (hard earning) artist.
A frank woman, who asked me if I can draw to an order for her new business and I got spontaneously a new client.
Two students, who wanted to deal with me for one of my prints which costs 15,-€ to 13,-€, for they would love to have the print but didn’t have enough money. I wasn’t sure enough, if I could believe them or not, but I gave them for 13,-€. I paid 2,-€ for their courage to ask me so.

And now let me stay by the fact, I earned only the half of the amount of the first show. The people were not that much interested in my works, I could see it from their eyes. It’s actually very critical result to keep going with planning for the next show. I should better forget this market and find instead a better one which appeals more with my stuffs…
But is it true? Is this market totally nothing for me and my stuffs? I don’t know.
Doing art and selling art is in such a way different that I learn every single day. I guess, everything on this world might be so, there’s a huge gap between producing and marketing. I am really bad at marketing, I really, really hate this marketing, honestly to say. But without this, I can’t either produce my art. What a hilarious dilemma.
What I learned from this time is, I recognized again how people can be. I’m not saying only negative but even the people who liked my works won’t take out their purse and buy it. And that is what I am doing – the thing which probably many people can like but don’t need to buy. Yes, that is it.
So, if I find me an answer what I can then produce and also sell to be able to produce in turn, there’ll be the next market but if not, I guess, I’ll find my happiness in other way.

Sincerely, su-pyo

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