august 27, 2013


Hello, my name is Su-Pyo Einsiedler.
I’m an artist & artisan of my own studio ‘ | another scale of happiness’ and live in Unterhaching, near from Munich, with my husband Chris and our son Jona (19 and half months).
Since Jona came to the world, my status in career seems to be uncertain, like many other working moms, but also this uncertainty gives me the chance to look clearly through my future and leads me to find the way how to combine the daily life as a mom with the ‘still-to-get’ career as an artist.
At ‘blog’ I post some daily life of me and my family, mainly about Jona, and share with you my working processes of my art works.
Thanks for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy your stay here and see you soon.
Best regards, su-pyo

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